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Welcome to quotexable. This community is operated by lust_couturex and all questions or concerns should be directed towards her.

This community is members only so please join to view the entries. Before doing so, read all of the rules completely. Thank you.


1. Please do not post anything other then quotes, lyrics, poetry, or any other form of written expression. Failure to do this will result in the entry being taken down from public viewing and deleted.

2. Please make all posts friends only and list somewhere in the entry the subject of the quotes being shared. (eg. love & wisdom quotes)

3. Please do not post community spam or any other promotions in this community.

4. AIM, Yahoo, or any other profile are allowed in community posts as long as they are there to showcase a quote you wanted to share.

5. Please place updates containing more then two quotes or one of substantial length behind a lj-cut. Long, lengthy posts like these only clog up friends lists and irratate everyone.

6. In every post, proper credit must be given. It is incredibly important that any and all authors associated with the text be recognized and failure to do so will result in a warning. If you are unsure of who wrote something, state this. This rule also pertains to any work that you post that you, yourself are the author of.

7. If found to be in violation of any rule, you will be issued a warning. There is a 'three-strikes you're out' policy and this will result in being asked to leave the community.

8. Once accepted into the community, please take a community button from below and host it in your user info. Promoting the community is encouraged and will help keep things active. The more members there are, the more posts we can expect. So do your part.


If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, comment on the welcome entry

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